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TITLE: Now She’s Free
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: January 25, 2004

    Her eyes are my eyes,
Her hair combs through
Looking exactly like mine looks.
She has that same funny smile,
And she walks with the same grace.
And I want her to stay a while.

    She always has an opinion.
She can jump higher than me.
Like me, the boys carry her books.
She’s on top of the world,
And I try to protect her,
After all, she is my ‘little’ girl.

    So it hurts...
When she won’t understand,
And when she leaves in to big ‘a hurry
I ask, who do I think I am?

    Why can’t I let her go?
Here I am on shifting sand,
When I thought I was a rock
I’m weak as a baby lamb.

    I realize I need her
More than I thought I could.
I’m always giving advice
Like I know I should.
She’s on the road, now she’s free.
And I know I’ve got to let my baby leave.


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