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Jesus Touched Me
James H. Wilson
June 30, 2016

I found my soul alive
When Jesus touched me
I smiled like I hadn't in years
And the world in it's sorrow
Turned for a moment to see
The storm had left
And for a short season
I was given a little peace

I strained when the Devil had me
I could breath out
But only one breath at a time
And those that called me family
Were no friends except to wrong

Then an angel cleared the way
I was given a chance
On a new road I came
I finally gave Jesus an ear
And He keeps catching me when I fall
I think I am wearing Him out
But He keeps up with me
And reminds me
I am what He is all about

Now the way ahead is still up to me
I can choose to go left or right
Or just stay on His course
And trust in His light
All the while He strengthens me
All I have to do is receive His Grace
I sing a new song in His mercy
So I put all my hope
In a future with the only one
Who is able to take me to a better place


Thank You,
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