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Poems On This Page -    The Honeybee  Emily Jones,   Missouri Bluebird  by Savannah Wyatt, The Gorgeous Flag  by Kristen Castor,   The Bluebird  by Alexis Van Dyk,   The Honey Bee  by Sarah Mc Kinney,  The Bluebird  by Brook Davis,  Our Little Bee  by Olivia Witt,  The Bluebird  by Lindsay Daniel,  The Flag  by Savannah Barker,  The Beautiful Bluebird  by Brooke Bland,  The Flag  by Cassie Wynne,  Missouri's Flag  by Taylor Seitz

TITLE : The Honeybee
Written By: Emily Jones
Date: © Copyright, February 3, 2006

Oh my little honeybee.
You are very, very mean.
Your so mean because you sting.
Oh my little honeybee.

Oh my little honeybee.
I may think that you are mean.
But since God made you, you are keen.
Oh my little honeybee.


TITLE : Missouri Bluebird
Written By: Savannah Wyatt
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006

Have you ever seen a bluebird?
And how it's beauty shines?
Have you ever seen it standing still?
Or when it's climbing vines?

Have you ever seen it flying high,
Up above the trees in the big blue sky?
Have you ever seen a bluebird with it's wings stretched wide?
As it soars through the sky what a beautiful glide!


TITLE : The Gorgeous Flag
Written By: Kristen Castor
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The gorgeous flag
Of the great state of Missouri
Reminds us that
We need not worry.

The grizzly bears symbolize bravery,
The eagle shows power,
It's talons never wavering.
Mrs. Oliver designed the red, white and blue;
The strips stand for valor, purity,
And standing true.


TITLE : The Bluebird
Written By: Alexis Van Dyk
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


When the summer sky so blue
The freedom of the Bluebird is so true
With different shades of green
As only in the forest can be seen

That is where the little creature feathered
Can withstand the wettest weather
Just because of God's amazing way
We can enjoy the Bluebird's colorful display


TITLE : The Honey Bee
Written By: Sarah Mc Kinney
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The Missouri State insect is the honey bee
It makes a golden candy for you and me.
Dressed so pretty in a black and yellow gown.
Looks mighty fine as it flies into town.

It dances and prances and does a little jig.

Telling all the others about the nectar on the flower
Then they all fly away to just the right spot.
Where they gather the sweet
Nectar that will fill our honey pot.


TITLE : The Bluebird
Written By: Brook Davis
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The bluebird is tiny but great,
It represents our wonderful state.
It is strikingly blue,
You'll think so too!
It flits in and out of thickets,
Eating grasshoppers and crickets.
It lays it's eggs in a nest.
So it's tiny babies may rest.
After all that you have heard,
You should know our state bird.


TITLE : Our Little Bee
Written By: Olivia Witt
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


Buzz-z-zing in activity,
a flurry over my head;
We follow his trail
in order to be fed.

He dips up and down
and flies by a tree.
He's looking for flowers
to make honey for me.

When looking for nectar,
he searches everything
But when he heads for home
he flies straight as a string.

His storage bins are full,
dripping with liquid gold
The little bee is very smart,
so I've been told.


TITLE : The Bluebird
Written By: Lindsay Daniel
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The bluebird is singing sweetly in the tree
His little blue head is easy to see.
He flutters about and shows his orange - colored breast
Then captures some must needed rest.

The bluebird is our beautiful state bird.
I would love to watch him and not say a word.
His brilliant colors stand out against the clouded sky.
He is our state bird and now I know why.


TITLE : The Flag
Written By: Savannah Barker
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The flag makes me glad.
I want to brag about the flag.

I love to see the flag fly high
It makes me sigh.

The flag makes me cry.
For all the people that had to die.

Let the flag continue to fly,
Way up high in the sky.


TITLE : The Beautiful Bluebird
Written By: Brooke Bland
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


The beautiful bluebird sings to me
With a "queedle, queedle" and a "turee."
It flies from it's fence-post nest
To bring me joy and happiness!

The sunset orange, the bonny blue,
I love them both - how about you?
This bird belongs to the Show-Me state
And is part of what makes it great!


TITLE : The Flag
Written By: Cassie Wynne
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


This is our flag red, white and blue.
Its the symbol for me and you.
It's colors red, white and blue
Stand for freedom for me and you.
The bear on red, white and blue stand
For strength and freedom too.
United we stand divided we fall,
This should be for us all.


TITLE : Missouri's Flag
Written By: Taylor Seitz
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2006


Our flag has many colors,
It is both beautiful and proud,
It is put in kid's classrooms,
So that we can speak of it out loud,
Though it waves in the wind,
It still stands strong,
A symbol that our great state,
Has shown all along,
Missouri's flag is the best of all.


Thank You,
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