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TITLE : 'What If'
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 13, 2005

Thank you for spring, oh Lord, and the many flowers that abound and change the way of
my gloom into the way of my joy. By that which I have no control over, I find myself less
worried of tomorrow and more patient with today. And today's joy is strong and has
renewed my faith.

That's not to say that I'm only renewed on days of spring. To the contrary I'm renewed and
refreshed on days of celebration as well. I am blessed on Easter. I am lifted up on Mothers
Day. I am close to my roots on Independence Day. I am thankful on Thanksgiving Day,
and I am filled with family love, and Devine spirit on Christmas.

It's knowing that some day the sun will shine and not be too hot, a day like today, I plant
firmly in my mind. When my energy is low and no time to rest, I can, and will always bring
up pictures of my day of renewal. I add each day I'm renewed to the many others and play
them at times...

At those times when the skyline and earth seem to run together and I'm lost somewhere in
the middle. I can paint a picture of warmth on a cold winter day, and smile a little. I can
feel the lady-bug land on the back of my hand. I can let the gentle breeze be there to touch
my bare skin, and watch the birds, (Robins, Blue jays, Blackbirds, Doves, Finches and
Sparrows), playing and singing their own special songs. If I could, I'd sing along.

I am ever mindful of the lessening of cheer, and the failing on my own once strong body.
Each time storm clouds appear I'm quickened to a new race. In the space of mere minutes
I'm gone from maybe to maybe not. Yes I tell myself take a deep breath, relax, slow down,
and remember this day as an alternate choice.

If life is about choices we all need to make, then I try to ready myself with outcomes I can
live with. The running of my life is always tempered by my own 'what if' combined with
the whatever of each moment.