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Welcome To Author James H. Wilson's Poetry.
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Title: Waiting For You
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: February 29, 2004

He was naturally wild
When your eyes met his
And it would be some time
Before he’d hold still for a kiss
And even then he squirmed a bit

You’d call yourself lucky
As you look in his knowing eyes
And you knew he’d hold you steady
Settin’ high in the saddle ev’ry ride
While life changed, he was the same ev’ry time

It wasn’t to long
‘Till you’d found a best friend
You’d tell him all your secrets
And you knew his trust would never end
He always played when you needed to mend

There’s a hundred years of Mustang
Sturdy steed that carried you
Sure footed on ev’ry mountain side
Ev’ry river bed you went through
Now he’s kicking his heels in Heaven, waiting for you