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Title: The Woman You’ve Always Been
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: February 25, 2004

The Goddess that you are
Is not the woman you expected to be.
Now the world turns it’s eyes on you,
For any little chance that they might see
An interview, or information on you.

I see them turn their heads.
I hear their remarks about you,
"You don’t look the same without makeup,
You’ve gone from lookin’ good to almost through."
But once you’ve past, there’ll be others they’ll cut no slack.

Your heart knows the truth,
They look through envious eyes
But they don’t walk around in your shoes
They don’t face your long lonely nights.
Most of them have nothing to loose,
And they’ve never faced the tears in your eyes.

You’ve never ran away.
You’ve never givin’ in.
Your heart hasn’t strayed,
From the woman, you’ve always been.