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Cowboy Poetry

The Old Cowboy
Author James H. Wilson
August 19, 2004
© Copyright 2004

THE OLD COWBOY Part Forty Five

"You are not alone, me too. I hope he is alright. We haven't even heard where he is. All we know is that him and his unit went to replenish the third infantry in the European theatre."

"Mom, they said they were pushing up through France yesterday on the radio."

"Yes, I know son. You know they still won't tell us or probably don't know themselves. There are not many reporters over there either, and then they only get information the Army and Navy wants them to have. Your dad says they are being very tight lipped about everything.

You know they have stopped building cars and trucks and other consumer vehicles. They say they are non essential. Would you set the table, your dad will be home soon." Mom was always cooking beans, and doing different things with potatoes. We had them mashed, cubed, and sliced, when you're a kid it tis all good.

"Yea, sure mom, no problem... I'm not sure why we are over there. There's some really bad guy and he's being a big bully to the folks around him, right?"

"Well I will try to inform you of what is happening and why so many of our young men have had to loose their lives. There is a man named 'Hitler' who thinks the rest of the Earth should be under his control, and he is willing to kill or have killed, anyone that gets in his way. He has invaded all of his neighbors and convinced a few of them to join his way of thinking.

So far he and his troops had become successful at his goal of join or be killed. And if that wasn't bad enough he is out to wipe out all of the Jews from the face of the Earth. That is very, very bad. There are a lot of Jews living here in these United States of America and we are not about to let the bully hurt any more of our friends or take away our freedom."

"Mom do we know any Jews?"

"Well your father works with some, but they mostly stay to themselves when they are not working, so not really. It's O.K. Times are tough for everyone right now. You know we don't go out at night. It's not that we are not free to visit our friends, it's just things are different, harder in a war. We must all pull together so we don't loose our freedom to the bully."

I knew the next time...

To Be Continued. . .

THE OLD COWBOY Part Forty Five, Copyright © 2004


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