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Cowboy Poetry

The Old Cowboy
Author James H. Wilson
February 10, 2004
© Copyright 2004

THE OLD COWBOY Part Forty Three

The railroads had built a turntable to turn the engines. Why you know them big ol' engines made a lot 'a noise when they moved. Made 'Tanner' so nervous I had to take him to the livery stable."

"Grandpa, what's a 'turn table'?"

"Grandboy, they used it to turn the engines around so they'd be headin' back the way they came from. The engineer told me he couldn't run 'backin' up' out on the 'main line'. He said them engines just weren't designed to do that, what with the coal car in the way. You know I think they have oil now instead of coal.

Well they put the big 'Iron Horse' to bed fer the night, but that old conductor came knockin' on my door 'bout two thirty next mornin'. Ya know I'd went over and had a couple of drinks with the crew after I watched 'em tie the engine down. Them bones of mine did not want to get out 'a that rack that night. It felt like somebody'd poured sand in my eyes for the first half hour or so, and 'Tanner' was not at all happy ridin' in that cattle car."

"Grandpa, you and 'Tanner' rode the train? How come?"

"Grandboy the boss man made a deal with the stockyards in Kansas City to pick the pay for the herd up in person. He sent me, 'cause I wanted to visit home on my way back. I told the boss I'd need a couple of weeks before I came back.

That 'ol Jim was a good man and said when I got back, with his money, he'd have a neighbor lined up with another herd to take on down to Amarillo. When that day came to leave again I told yer Grandma Helen I might get that drive and another in 'for winter."

Boy Grandpa was some cowboy. "Grandpa, me an' ol' 'Tanner' number two..."

To Be Continued. . .

THE OLD COWBOY Part Forty Three, Copyright © 2004


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