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Cowboy Poetry

The Old Cowboy
Author James H. Wilson
October 16, 2000
© Copyright 2000


“Ya know ‘Grandpa’, me an Tanner number two’s got to come back. We got’ta hear all we can ‘bout ‘ol ‘Tanner’ so’s’n I can teach number two to be just like number one. I especially like ridin’ fast on my sure-footed pony.”

I said I’d say “Hi!” to mom, and rode off as fast as my pedals would let me move, kickin’ the dust up a little, I’m sure. Like ridin’ ‘Tanner’ across the prairie, the wind tuggin’ at my hat, the reigns in my left hand, the lariat in my right. Yep, I was ready ta rope that little ‘doggy’ and take ‘em back to the herd.

“Whoa big fella, got ta get ready ta bed down for the night. We’d better hold up here next to those cliffs, there’s a real nice cave right over there. Why who knows we might even be able ta rustle-up some vittles ta eat.”

Mom says I should put that bicycle away. “Best lay them ol’ chaps right over here lil’ hombre, an’ I’ll get ya some of that hot soup I’ve been keepin’ over that fire, while ya go an’ get some of that cold wash water splashed on yer face.”

When supper was done I laid down dreaming of ‘Tanner’, and gettin’ up early, just before sunrise, havin’ some of ol’ Cookies’ coffee out of that tin cup. Just takin’ a moment to listen to the world come to life. The wind blowin’ through the prairie grass. The chipmunks chasin’ each other. And, as the sun brings about a new day I fall asleep watching the deer grazing not to far away from the cattle. . . . . .

“Another week and I’ll be out of school Grandpa. Mom says I can ride over most ev’ry day so long as I keep my chores done,’ I said as I rode up on ‘Tanner’ number two.

“Grand-boy, you’re lookin’ dapper on that Ol’ ‘Tanner’ there. Just like the day ol’ John Somerton was . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued . . .

THE OLD COWBOY Copyright © 2000


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