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Cowboy Poetry

The Old Cowboy
Author James H. Wilson
October 25, 2000
© Copyright 2000


“Just like the day ol’ John Somerton was on his way to the weddin' of his childhood buddy, Marty Johanson."

"Marty and his dad had been breedin' an' raisin' horses for the army. With a the profit off them Army horses, he saved enough to bye a more than fair spread about a days ride west of his dads place. If I remember right, it was 2500 acres, which was considered a little under medium sized for them parts. It took three an' a half acres to feed one cow with calf."

"The weddin' was set 'ta start promptly at 3:30 P.M., as was common in them days. The weddin' was over by 4.00 P. M. and the reception could last all night, after the chores was done. Dinner, dancin, hoopin' an' hollyerin', they'd have them a bunch of fun, and 'ol John got 'ta be the 'Best Man.'

"Ya know, the groom is always nervous 'bout givin' up his freedom, but ' ol John was up before dawn. He wondered talkin' to himself for a bit, stumbled over Lefty's saddle, nearly woke ev'rybody else up. Me, I'm not sure what woke me up, I think it was John mumblin', somp'thin' 'bout women an' how a ho'se had so much more to offer.

Daylight started popin' an' 'ol John had mosye'd off 'ta the water hole and got 'ta cleanin' up. When he clumb up out 'a that hole, all the rest of us was watchin'. Yes sir, we all had a good laugh. Him just clean an' slippin' on that muddy bank, fallin' back into it.

We got a bucket off ol' Cookie an' helped him up out'a there. He took off with the bucket an' came back clean. He proceeded to get gussied up, while I made a turn 'round the herd. When I got back "ol John was wearin' that 'monkey' suit, had his Irish red hair slickered back and even had a sort of shine on them badly worn boots."

"One could say, 'ol John was on his way 'ta greet the lady."

"An'. . . how 'bout you Grandboy? I'll bet you . . . . . . . .

To Be Continued . . . 

THE OLD COWBOY Copyright © 2001


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