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- And Thanks to You Jesus Uplifting Souls with God's grace. 

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These Songs are on the Music Page -
   Runnin' Away,  Jesus Never Leaves,  Confess,  Beautiful,   The Night Before,
With You Jesus,  For My Sins,   Only Jesus,   When Ever I'm Lost,   These Colors

  Jim Wilson -
 March 2004   

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Jim 1970 -
before Vietnam

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Short Stories:

The Cry Of The Wolf -  (a young man on the wrong road)
An American Veteran  -  (written by an Air force colonel)
Gerrie and the 'Old Man' -  (a young woman's search for solace.)
What If - (what if things were different)
My Imaginary Friend - (about childhood dreams)

Jim's quotes:
"When the Grandparents (dinosaurs) of the moral generation have passed on, what will WE be?
Then what's left?"

"A man is never right or wrong if he never makes a decision, and in so making can face God or the demon,
be careful how you chose."

"If those who lead, fail to lead, we are all lost."

"Good things happen to those who keep a vigilant eye for the pit-falls."

Jim's Quote On Songwriting-"The only way to achieve the lofty goal of song writing or being a 'songwriter', 
is to work at it every day, study the art from many different angles, become satisfied with the universality of 
your idea, and hone your talent 'till it's razor sharp, rewrite, and never settle 'til it sounds right, 'til it feels."

More quotes:

Other Interesting sites:    Facebook       Twitter  Gary McSpadden Ministries.  A very good Christian ministry site.  Local guitar makers and  songwriters, Terry and Jude Bales
The El Dorado Sun  One Of Two Newspapers In El Dorado Springs, MO. And The Surrounding Area.
American Poets Society Poetry Contest  Free Poetry Contest - Read and write Love Poems, Inspirational Poems and much more!  You can also find some of Jim's poetry at this website.    Horses For Sale And Horse Breeding.  You Can Find Pink Umby's CD Classic Nature And Many, Many More. If You Like Music You'll Like This Site. Search For Jim Wilson Or Classic Nature.

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