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Jim's bio below.

Jim in 2004

Jim in 2004

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Jim 1970

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Jim 1984

About Jim;

Jim born in Kansas, February 8, 1950, grew up on a  farm in Missouri in the middle of the U.S. He milked cows and planted fields through some of his high school years, spent the 9th and 12th grades in Ogden, Utah. During the ‘British Invasion’, he was interested in making new music, but at that time had no idea how to go about it. After high school Jim found a job and a stint in the Navy. He made it through a marriage and divorce and all the usual heartaches, and married again.

Jim's doctor advised him to retire from the railroad or die, when his nerves gave out from too much stress. He took up writing music as a serious hobby and hasn’t slowed down since. After he had written several songs over a little more than a year, he got the idea to share them with other music lovers. Hence ‘Classic Nature’ came about, something he just had to compose.

Jim has been writing lyrics, poetry, and stories for the past several years, (since 1984), and has a published country song with a music publisher, still waiting for release. He attributes his ability to his mother - pianist, and his father - played the sax. His mother played in concert halls around the country, which has made him believe in himself and his music over the years.

Jim would rather listen to a good song than watch TV. He has been a member of the Missouri Cowboy Poets Association, and has worked on songs with some of his fellow members. As part of the over sixty club Jim stays active with club meetings, honey do’s, and the music and poetry he loves to write.

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