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Quote:  " Good things happen to those who keep a vigilant eye for the pit-falls."
Quote:- by
    Lee G. Carver
"Of all  my troubles great and small,
                  the greatest of those are the ones that haven't happened at all."
Quote: "Of all life's difficulties the hardest are birth and death,
                 the rest is stepping through the middle, carefully."
Quote: "If you're looking for the truth, make sure you're not standing on it."
Quote: "Sometimes it's not so hard to see it, if you're not looking so far away."
Quote: "Those carefully chosen words of the fool fell upon my deaf ears."
Quote: "It's better to be half right sometimes, than all wrong all the time"
Quote: "A guesser should reserve his answer for the ears of a fool."
Quote: "Some days you'll ask yourself, 'how strong must I be?' and answer with:
                'strong enough to stand with the weight of the world on your shoulders'."
Quote for strength: " The most important part of life, is what you believe in your heart."
Quote for the girls: " In the shoes of great women, are sisters of the heart."
A Quote on life: " I have the rest of my life to do my work, but only today to do Gods will."
Quote:  " Time, will not stop, the determined."
Jim's Quote On Songwriting: "The only way to achieve the lofty goal of song writing or being a 'songwriter', is to work at it every day, study the art from many different angles, become satisfied with the universality of your idea, and hone your talent 'till it's razor sharp, rewrite, and never settle 'til it sounds right, 'til it feels."

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