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Easter,  Mothers Day,  Fathers Day,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas, New Year, (note: this page is relatively new and I will be adding to it)


TITLE : The Lords Easter
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, March 18, 2005

On the last day of Passover,
Lazarus sister Mary came.
Rising early to be there at sun up,
Sabbath passed she'd came to pray.

She walked quickly and talked with God.
Asking why did He have to die,
Why so soon instead of years away.
Her sadness had kept the tears in her eyes.

She and her friend walked quietly.
As the sun brought light across their path,
Passing the sleeping Roman men of war,
To reach His grave before their shadow's cast.

She found the door of heavy rock,
Had been somehow set aside.
The two looked at each other shocked,
Even more when they went inside.

As they left the empty tomb,
There a man in shining white,
Delivered a certain message,
'Remember the third day, I will arise'.

Their tears had turned to wonder,
And their sorrow had left their hearts.
They came to the twelve with their news,
Who returned and found only the guards.

Two of the twelve went to a nearby town,
And a Man joined as they walked.
He told of things only He would know.
They returned to the twelve and talked.

As they ate, in their midst, He appeared.
They were astonished to say the least.
It was at sunset on the third day,
When Jesus arose and they gave Him meat.

Remember me, I am the first!
I died that you might celebrate.
Live with my words in your heart,
And always give more than you take.

TITLE : Talkin' Bout Jesus
Written By: James S. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 6, 2006

His angels hail his name
He is always love
And wishes only the same
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

Died for our sins
Wants us only to win
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

So today as we breath
Remember who we grieve
On this lowly Easter Eve
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

TITLE : This Easter Day
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 9, 2006

For one day
Born was the King
To live a servants life
To give His vision
To those who will listen

He came a babe
Among common folk
He served the hire of His family
At His Fathers appointed time, He taught

As awareness grew
The wisdom of the young man
Touched the hearts and minds
Of all, young or old
But greed and lust held some in place

There were those
Who knew the law
And those who came and saw
A division of right and wrong
Given light by the pure and strong

Now the upright
Follow the twelve He left in place
We choose to behave
In a Godly way

We remember what He gave
This Easter Day
And that He left His love
And shares His grace with us


(Mothers Day)

TITLE : One Hand
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 30, 2006

One hand rocked my cradle
When at first I was alive,
One hand served as a guide
As the days of church went by.
And when we went to visit
On the bus, the train, the plane,
One of your hands held my hand
To let me know I'd be all right.

Yes your gentle hands
Changed my diapers.
Cooked my eggs and toast,
And fluffed my childhood pillows.
When I was on my way to sleep
You prayed the Lord my soul to keep,
And mother there were those times
You even held on a little too tight.

One hand found my rear
When you knew I'd done wrong.
One hand protected me
When all my hope was gone.
It was your hand
That pushed my swing,
And played the melody,
When we all would sing.

You combed my hair, brushed my teeth,
Fed me with that spoon.
Walked me to the bus
On my way to school.
One hand pushed my bike
When I learned to ride.
Your hand helped me find the gears
When I learned to drive.

You wiped away my tears,
You've always touched me with your love.
Mother, one of your hands,
Would have been enough.

Thank You Mother.


(Fathers Day)

TITLE : Daddy
Written By: Melody Lee Wilson
Date: © Copyright, June 14, 2006

When I am cold, daddy,
Gives me a blanket of love.

When I need comfort,
Daddy's arms wrap around me.

When I fall down,
Daddy's Band-aid is blessed with kisses.

When I need a shoulder
Daddy is a shoulder away

When I am scared,
Daddy is near with a candle of hope.

When I'm sick,
Daddy's prayers are answered.

When I need a hand,
Daddy's love is reaching out.

When I want to dance,
Daddy's shoes are under mine.

Daddy's unconditional love,
Patience and understanding,
Is as close as my heartbeat.

Daddy's home is now with God,
And his love is with me,
In memories, in my heart and soul.

Dedicated to my Daddy,
December 4, 1910 - March 14, 1990

TITLE : Love Made You Dad
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, June 15, 2006

One of your great grandfathers
Stepped bravely on the untamed soil
Expecting the ground to move,
Watching for signs of life,
Through the under brush,
A squirrel or chipmunk that hides
On some tree bark or root
And, as night wanes, an Owl hoots

Your great grandfather
Read by a candle at night
On sunny days hunted
And tilled the ground with his might.
While grandma knitted and periled
Grandpa fitted and furrowed

Man size problems
Needed man to solve,
Up at day break
Plans to make.
Someone's love made you a Dad.
I pray today's the best you've had.

Happy Father's Day



TITLE : Thanksgiving '06
Written By: James H. Wilson 
Date: © Copyright, November 17, 2006

The milestones crackle
As the corn's unraveled
And harvesters abound

The spring's baby calves
Are close to being halve
As much as fully grown

The summer had it's way
Oh the memories of hot days
And fresh garden melons

Thanks be, for the giving
For the abundant living
And all the happy faces

The ponds are being filled
From later rains before the chill
Soon enough we'll crave the grass

If Thanksgiving day
Comes once a year
It's to give the families
Time to reflect the joy when near
We laugh and share our up and downs
And say prayers of safety to where we're bound

Happy Thanksgiving



TITLE : Precious Son
Written By: James H. Wilson 
Date: © Copyright, December 8, 2006

He brought peace
He showed us strength
He filled the heart with light
He sacrificed for His Father's love
Born a King late at night

We honor Him with a day
A day He was our gift
We watch our children play
And our hearts begin to lift

Christmas comes but once a year
When families cheer and celebrate
Jesus came and now it's clear
His birth is a sign along our way

Christmas cards
Christmas bells
Christmas roads
For loving friends and families

Christmas dinners
Christmas carols
Christmas hugs
Many thanks for God's precious Son

TITLE : Christmas Tree
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, December 9, 2005

As the fullness of summer
Was eventually overtaken
By the serenity of fall
And the hope of a never-ending quite
The anticipation of winter
Is but a vapor's worth of thought
As I forward my self
Through minutes of tic toc
And energetic hops
About the doing of chores
And the careful planning
Of thankful dinners
As well as what to be found
At various stores
To be put around a Christmas tree
Which fills the air
With scents of a greater outdoors
And reminds me of the grace
Of some four legged creatures
Which is often looked upon
From the limb of what
Was to become a Christmas tree.


(New Years)

TITLE : Brand New Year
Written By: James H. Wilson 
Date: © Copyright, January 9, 2007

The rosy cheeks and wide eyes
Have given way to peaceful slumber
Lookin' forward to the fireplace fire
Shovelin' snow, and watchin' for deer

A few days have gone by
St. Nick is startin' a new list
The reindeer have already flown
And tonight the stars are shinnin' so clear

Hear the bells chimin',
Watch the ball droppin',
The temperature's fallin'
And winter
Is bringin' a Brand New Year


Thank You,
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