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Cowboy Poetry

The Old Cowboy
Author James H. Wilson
September 12, 2002
© Copyright 2002

THE OLD COWBOY Part Twenty Four

"Grandboy you should go on home and take care of them chores your mama got you doin'."

"O.K. Grandpa," I said, and I got on ol' Tanner number two.

"Don't worry, them bulls will still be there for the ridin' the next time," Grandpa added as I started pedaling away. I rode around in a circle just to nod and wave.

On my way home the wind came up on my back. It felt good and made it easier to pedal. Why it seemed like I was home in no time. After my chores and supper I got out a book from the library, but found I was too excited to read. I fumbled and fidgeted and couldn't think straight. I kept thinking about them 'big bulls'.

In the morning I was out the door as soon as possible. Down the driveway and rolling over the streets thinking about bulls, BIG BULLS! "Hi Grandpa," I shouted and waved as I rode up.

"Grandboy, you're lookin' all smiles and chipper today. I'd s'pose all's well at home?"

"Yes sir, everything is fine. I've been thinkin' about them big bulls."

"Oh, well now, when I was seventeen I rode in the rodeo. To be 'all 'round cowboy' you'd have to ride the bronks, and the bulls, and wrestle the steers to the ground. and let's not forget the barrel racing and calf ropin'. Back in my day ev'ryone that rode in the rodeo was cowboys. We was all good at calf ropin', wrestlin' steers, and breakin' bronks was my specialty. But ridin' them dang bulls, not many of us had ever rode a bull. We all knew to stay away from them critters. They could be just down-right mean if they was riled up. 

Anyhow I got down in that chute, down in that bulls back and for a moment he seemed almost gentle just standin' there waitin' on me. My Lord, when they opened that gate he took off for 'bout ten steps, stopped, turned right and went up and came down and went up to the left. When he came down it was without me.

Then he turned..."

To Be Continued. . .

THE OLD COWBOY  Copyright © 2001


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