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TITLE : One Hand
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 30, 2006

One hand rocked my cradle
When at first I was alive,
One hand served as a guide
As the days of church went by.
And when we went to visit
On the bus, the train, the plane,
One of your hands held my hand
To let me know I'd be all right.

Yes your gentle hands
Changed my diapers.
Cooked my eggs and toast,
And fluffed my childhood pillows.
When I was on my way to sleep
You prayed the Lord my soul to keep,
And mother there were those times
You even held on a little too tight.

One hand found my rear
When you knew I'd done wrong.
One hand protected me
When all my hope was gone.
It was your hand
That pushed my swing,
And played the melody,
When we all would sing.

You combed my hair, brushed my teeth,
Fed me with that spoon.
Walked me to the bus
On my way to school.
One hand pushed my bike
When I learned to ride.
Your hand helped me find the gears
When I learned to drive.

You wiped away my tears,
You've always touched me with your love.
Mother, one of your hands,
Would have been enough.

Thank You Mother.


Thank You,
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