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TITLE : Daddy
Written By: Melody Lee Wilson
Date: © Copyright, June 14, 2006

When I am cold daddy,
Gives me a blanket of love.

When I need comfort,
Daddy's arms wrap around me.

When I fall down,
Daddy's Band-aid is blessed with kisses.

When I need a shoulder
Daddy is a shoulder away

When I am scared,
Daddy is near with a candle of hope.

When I'm sick,
Daddy's prayers are answered.

When I need a hand,
Daddy's love is reaching out.

When I want to dance,
Daddy's shoes are under mine.

Daddy's unconditional love,
Patients and understanding,
Is as close as my heartbeat.

Daddy's home is now with God,
And his love is with me,
In memories and in my heart and soul.

Dedicated to my Daddy,
March 14,1990

TITLE : Love Made You Dad
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, June 15, 2006

One of your great grandfathers
Stepped bravely on the untamed soil
Expecting the ground to move,
Watching for signs of life,
Through the under brush,
A squirrel or chipmunk that hides
On some tree bark or root
And, as night wanes, an Owl hoots

Your great grandfather
Read by a candle at night
On sunny days hunted
And tilled the ground with his might.
While grandma knitted and periled
Grandpa fitted and furrowed

Man size problems
Needed man to solve,
Up at day break
Plans to make.
Someone's love made you a Dad.
I pray today's the best you've had.

Happy Father's Day

Thank You,
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