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TITLE : You Carried My Heart
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, January 17, 2006

 You carried my heart 
 You tucked it up 
 Like a football 
 You took it with you 

 And ev'ry day it shines 
 The light of my soul 
 I heard you say 
 Ev'ry day's Valentine's Day

 Look at the love it takes
 To carry my heart 
 To take it out and talk to it
 And watch how it warms up to you
 You won't let it slip away
 After all that you've been through

 You've carried my heart 
 All around the world 
 You kept it close 
 When the cold winter winds would blow

 And what's the price of love
 What ever it is  
 I know you've paid in full
 'Cause you've carried my heart

 When the train left the station
 I knew I had found your soul
 Even though the tears left your eyes
 You carried my heart... off into the night


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