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TITLE : Hang On Harry  
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, February 22, 2005

Hang on Harry,
Won't do no good to beat that doggie
He won't quit kickin' on your account
He don't care if ya shout.

He can see that brandin' iron
He's got his mind made up
He don't like bein' upside down
Or the way we got 'em bound.

Hang on Harry,
Don't let the little feller hurt ya
Hold 'em hard, hold his tail
Hold 'em up against the rail

Oh now Harry,
You're a big boy, be the man you are
You need to show him your style
Maybe you could make him smile.

Hang on Harry,
'For I touch him with the iron
You'd best hobble them legs.
Don't let him have his way,
What ever else you do today
Don't let him get away.

The sizzle from that iron
Brought him to life
But poor Harry,
Guess you'll wear that ice pack tonight.


Thank You,
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