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Welcome To Author Julia Stickley Poetry. 

TITLE: The Dreamer
Author Julia Stickley
© Copyright, 2000

The Dreamer

My Spirit Sores Free
Over The Hills And Valleys.
As I Sail On The Winds
They Carry Me Over Trees And Mountains

Far Above The Towns
Dotted With House Tops
And Winding Roads
Their Cool Winds Refresh Me
And Arouse My Soul.

Clouds Of Cotton Float
Below Me Like Fluffy White Pillows
Past The Warming Sun
Above Me, Warming Me
From The Cool Winds Below.

Birds Float By Wearing Their Brilliant Colors.
Flying High Above. The Sound Of Their Songs, 
Interrupted By The Man Made Machines
The Roar Of Their Engines
Are Deafening And Force Me
To Dive Below The Billowing Clouds.

I Come To Rest On The Cliffs Of My Ancestors.
Visions Of Their Humble Living Flash Through My Mind.

I Stay And Reflect On My Day
As The Great Fire Ball In The Sky
Goes To Bed, And The Night
Creatures Come To Life
And I Fall Asleep And Dream.

Julia Stickley


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