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TITLE : Talkin' Bout Jesus
Written By: James S. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 6, 2006

His angels hail his name
He is always love
And wishes only the same
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

Died for our sins
Wants us only to win
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

So today as we breath
Remember who we grieve
On this lowly Easter Eve
Talkin' 'bout Jesus

TITLE : This Easter Day
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 9, 2006

For one day
Born was the King
To live a servants life
To give His vision
To those who will listen

He came a babe
Among common folk
He served the hire of His family
At His Fathers appointed time, He taught

As awareness grew
The wisdom of the young man
Touched the hearts and minds
Of all, young or old
But greed and lust held some in place

There were those
Who knew the law
And those who came and saw
A division of right and wrong
Given light by the pure and strong

Now the upright
Follow the twelve He left in place
We choose to behave
In a Godly way

We remember what He gave
This Easter Day
And that He left His love
And shares His grace with us

Thank You,
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