TITLE : Two Feet
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, January 30, 2005

Born to be a beautiful baby
Arms and legs two perfect feet
Your smiles touch so many hearts
A descendant of very good genes.

You grow and learn for yourself
How to walk, talk and play
You find out about friendships
As schools strengthens you day after day.

Two feet to take you here and there
Two feet to help you run for miles
Two feet for the journey of your life
Two feet to dance the prom in style.

Growing into the middle of life
Two feet up and down the stairs
Riding trains and taxi cabs
The perfect pair keeping a songs beat.

Two feet to take you shopping
Two feet to keep you hopping
Two feet through the snow
Two feet to the show
Two feet take you to vote
Simply two feet when you need to go.

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