TITLE: This Path
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: November 30, 2004

As I step into this path
I stop, and let memories take me
Like the time I was five
And I sang nursery rhymes

It's just a wooded path
Pebbles laid out for a floor
Tree limbs over crowded leaves
I love it most in spring

It's out of the way, this path
I would come and sometimes play
Sometimes I came here to think
And I always found peace

I spent my youth on this path
I played 'Jessie James' in these woods
Met my best friend from school
And here love made me the fool

I walked away from this path
I tried living the city life
Elevators, super slabs
And me driving a cab

And here we are on this path
You, me, sunshine and wedding bells
Leaving our struggles behind
For these moments of time

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