The Truth

TITLE : The Truth
Written By: James Herbert Wilson
Date: © Copyright, March 25, 2004

It's knowing the sun
Is coming up every morning
And seeing the rain
Bring the flowers in the spring
It's watching the tornado
Take forty years in a minute
That makes me search for the truth
Deep inside me

You know the truth
Never comes easy
The truth can set you free
It's that something
Worth dying for
Once you know,
The Truth

Some people are here
To balance the scales of justice
Or relieve the pain
That's in the eyes of the young
It's touching the hearts of those
That will fall somewhere in battle
In the name of freedom
The bell is rung

If the truth did come easy
Then your heart would run cold
From the lack of unknowns
In no time at all
Your feet would fall
Into the sinking sand of the hour glass
Where the real truth lives, only in the past

Thank You,
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