TITLE : Shorty Jack Burns
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, April 28, 2004

The wind was blowin'
Right hard out of the south
We’re not strangers to the wind
Real cowboys born and bread
Our daddys and grandpas
Took on the Pecos and the Rockys
Never let a hat blow off their head

We had forty head to break
And was doin’ ‘round robins’ for turns
When we made it to the new guy second time
(Who recently lost his dad), Shorty Jack Burns

He hit the ground
The wind blew the dust
Like a small cloud in the air
He’d been down before
And he tried to catch his breath
Somebody tossed his hat
And yelled "you ain’t no good for more".

He made one mistake
Lettin’ that bronk have his head
He should ‘a went left
But there he went right instead
Like a Kansas tornado.
He might have been a wrangler
But he’s no ‘Little Joe’.

Well we all laughed a little
And the foreman
Took him by the arm
Led him off to the stringer
Said "son, go on back to the farm,
We’re all cowboys here
We’ve got ta to get ‘em broke
‘Fraid I can't make you a cow poke".

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