TITLE: Perfect Opposites
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: September 14, 2004

What if I could stand
In front of you right now,
Would you be looking up
When I was looking down?

When the sun is shining
And the surf crashes in,
Does the sun burn you
While the ocean holds my skin?

When the wind blows it's way
Is it too much or just right,
Does it make you shiver
When it fills me with delight?

When the dentist gives me gas
Is he putting you at peace,
And when the drilling stops
Has he taken nerves from you or me?

All to often I see you
As my perfect opposite,
When I'm runnin' crazy
You are calm right where you sit.
And when your travels make you breath too hard,
I'm playin' 'Rummy' with my favorite deck of cards!

I'm soda pop
And you're water.
You're always pink
While my color's blue.
You love a Waltz, and 'Love Me Tender'
Those things I share with you.

What if perfect opposites
Had unselfish hearts?
The one that was up
Would never let the other be down.
While one was breathing in
The other would be breathing out.

Can perfect opposites share the same space?
Can the cowboy in blue jeans handle pink satin and lace?

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