TITLE : Normal Day
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, February 8, 2005

I feel like I've got ten pounds
Of nails stuck in my chest
But I know I can go on
Take a few steps
If only I knew, that you
Had dreams like me
Like the dreams I see.

We took each other for granted
A long, long time ago
We dreamed different dreams then
We had higher hopes, I know.

Now when someone carries balloons around,
I remember that day by the 'merry-go-round'
The gentle breeze blowing your golden hair
And the sun warm, upon your lips
I felt with a kiss.

It was more than just a normal day for me
You laid your spirit there for me to see
And I knew, yes I knew
We'd found love.

Your still out there, some where
I hear about you, from time to time
These nails in my chest ain't heavy
Just chose one, to hang your heart on.

Today's more than just a normal day, for me
You've laid your spirit here for me to see
And I know, yes I know
You have the heart that's in me
'Cause we found love.

Have A Happy Valentine's Day

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