TITLE: Mother
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: August 31, 2004

Dad she's smilin' at you
Look at her eyes, pretty 'n blue
Yea mother, you sure can tell
She'll be quite the belle

She's left handed you know
It'll be tough, where e're she goes
Yea mother, your blood's in her
She'll do fine as fur

No my girl your dad is gone
Took a fast train, left us at dawn
Yea mother, I know he is
Chasing some young miss

Look at the wide open space
The Antelope, runnin' a race
Yea mother, they move like wind
Out here at land's end

Well girl new job new home
I'll never leave, you here alone
Yea mother, new school new friends
Don't worry we'll mend

Mother, oh mother you're fine now
Mother, oh mother show me how
Mother, oh mother sunshine soon
Mother, oh mother . . . . . . .
Wish you could see the future you've left
She's my fine granddaughter with your eyes
Mother, oh mother, I miss you most.

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