Author: Julia Stickley
© Copyright 2004

Life is a roller coaster, it goes up and down
In it we have highs and lows.
There we slow down but we must never
stop, for when we do we start to
sink like in quicksand.

Life is like a river, it winds and
turns. And soon it has branches where
we must choose. But look out for unexpected
turns, they'll throw you a curve.
Some of these branches lead to stagnant
ponds and we have to backtrack to
get back on line.

Some of the branches lead to oceans
where we'll get lost. If we're not
careful we'll get confused, so be sure to
take a friend.

If you stay of the river you'll come
to an end. This is when you have gone
as far as you can go and you have
accomplished all you can in this river
and begin the journey again.

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