TITLE: Katherine Marie
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: March 11, 2004

Katherine Marie, was only ten
The first time I saw her in my dream
She was standin’ beside a funny tree
She had a smile that made me happy
My first love was Katherine Marie

My heart was stolen by Katherine Marie
And she hasn’t givin’ it back to me
Her silky blond hair, pretty blue eyes
Only comes around once in your life
I am tryin’ to understand
What part of my destiny
Belongs to Katherine Marie

I know we met each other once
The way I feel it was yesterday
She held me in her arms, then went away
I miss her smile her happy laughing
Miss her most on those warm sunny days

There’s only one Katherine Marie
And only love can bring her back to me
Like a window to Heaven and stars
She’s somewhere, I hope it’s not that far
Another day, another page
In part of my destiny
With my miss Katherine Marie

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