TITLE: I Found You
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: August 26, 2004

She said, "I found you
    Standing near a camp fire
    With family and friends
    Watching the sun set,
    I saw the love in your eyes
    That night, you nearly died."

He said, "I found you
    Swinging to and fro
    Higher and higher
    'Til our eyes finally met
    Out of the swing, feet on the ground
    Your chin caught the swing coming down."

She said, "I found you
    'Picking up jacks', remember?"
He said, "I found you
    On the 'Merry go Round', remember?"

She said, "I found you
    With a smile on your face
    Riding the rails across the states."

He said, "I found you
    Once again just the other day...,
    And all my life you were just moments away."

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