Grandma's Ring

Title: Grandma's Ring
Author: James Herbert Wilson
Copyright: September 16, 2004

It was made in Germany
It would be part of your destiny
They didn't know it at the time
Just look at the way, it shines

Yea your grandpa had it done
In the days when he was in- love
And grandma cried so many tears
Just part of the joy, for years

Grandma's ring
Fit well on her left hand
Grandma's ring
Looks good on your finger
And as the days go swiftly by
The whole world sees true lovers eyes
And feels the love that makes you sing
The way she did, wearin' grandma's ring

It was given then in trust
It was so much stronger than- rust
It can do the same for your heart
It just took so long, to start

Thank You,
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