Days Of Spring

TITLE : Days Of Spring
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, February 1, 2005

Let the clouds catch up with you tomorrow
Let your sunny day set on your shoulder
Save your troubles in a drawer for some other day
Take the time to hear your heartbeat,

When the sun is gone the birds are quiet
They look for food and water to drink
The cats won't change windows to look outside
And it's a strain for me to think,

I take another deep breath, count ten, exhale
I look at my hands and thank the sculptor
Grateful for memories that let me smile
And the ability to interact with others,

Living with hope for the hopeful
Smiling at the butterfly outside my screen
Tasting my first drink of mountain spring water
Glad for a little trip and the latter days of spring,

When the trees are in full bloom
And all the dried grass has turned green
The cold north winds are warm from the south
And the sunflowers bless, the days of spring.

Thank You,
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