TITLE : Babies
Written By: James H. Wilson
Date: © Copyright, October 5, 2004

Babies are being born everyday,
Little tiny hands are reaching out,
To feel anything that might,
Be warm and remove all doubt,
That right this second they are alive.

Someone falls in love.
Some choose well when they do.
Some get drunk from someone else's cup.
Some fell asleep when they should have stayed up.
And those that carry on the family line,
Show us all another kind of love.

We will look and count all their fingers,
And we pray they have ten tiny toes,
And we listen to them breath.
Mothers smile and kiss their nose,
And dads will say they're a sight to see.

Mother gives her love,
And grandmothers will too,
And the babies just can't get enough.
Every time they fall we pick them up,
And our family tree begins to grow.
We're all made from the same kind of stuff.

Love is the icing on our cake.
It's the sweetest part of life,
And it's worth getting it right.
When the child first opens it's tiny eyes,
Show it what love looks like.
Babies are being born every night.

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