TITLE: A Lifetime Author: Bitsy Wishman
Date: © Copyright, September 17, 2008

A Lifetime

The day I was formed,
I remember it plain.
It was dark and cloudy,
And starting to rain.

It was the first day
Of the rest of my life
Standing over me a man
Next to him his wife.

The woman was my mother
The man my dad
And I remember a thinking,
Life won’t be so bad.

My mother picked me up
And I started to cry,
For I could hear God
A saying good by.

I’m giving you to them
That’s the way it must be.
But always remember
You belong to me.

A long, long time later
Again I did Cry
When my children left home
And told me good by.
I wasn’t young anymore
Though I was not old,
But gosh how I wondered,
Where did the time go.

That’s been a lifetime ago
But this time I won’t cry
For I know it’s time
I must say good by.

It’s the last day of my life
But such a beautiful day
For God has come back
To take me away.

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